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Analysis Tools

In our group, we are steadily applying new statistical or bioinformatic methods or modify existing methods to meet our specific needs. In some of our applied projects, short scripts and workflow concepts have been developed, which we want to provide also to other researchers in the field. more...



The daily demands on data management, quality assurance and statistical analysis in genetic epidemiology are complex. The wide range of collected information regarding phenotypes, the diverse technologies to generate genotypes and the continuous development of statistical procedures for genetic association studies pose new challenges to bioinformatics. The aim of our biomedimathics group is to respond to those diverse demands by developing software solutions for everyday use in medical genetics. All of our software packages are free-ware and can be accessed or downloaded via the project’s homepage. more...



This webpage provides a concise collection of bioinformatic tools for the evaluation of genetic epidemiological studies.


Risk Scores

We provide electronic forms for direct calculation of risk scores as previuosly presented in different publications: